Our Partners


Design based on the
versatility of essential forms

Inspiring office and
working environments.

Harmonize the old and new
in our civilization.

Harmonius forms quality,
ergonomics and style

Comitment a Lifecircle for
contemporary interiors

There is nothing “throw-away”
about our furniture

Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics.

Modularity, versatility, flexability and a wise choice of materials.

Effective soundscapes for different officeen vironments.

Office we love.

Take a good thing. Make it shiny.

Extraordinary. Everyday.

Dedicated to celebrating the luxury of living life.

Design meets art.

Innovation as Social Responsibility.

Workspace with your own personal touch,

Ergonomic, functional and well-designed solutions.

Feeling at work.

Enjoy Seating Performance.

Combining ancestral tradition and modern technology.

Creates objects, products, editions with qualities above and beyond the substantial

Statement pieces for curated interiors.

Alchemy between beauty and utility.

Transform glass into breathtaking light and design experiences.

Combination of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

Iconic and timeless pieces.

Furniture can be a meaningful agent for positive change.