Who we are

Lachezar Tsvetanov
Founder and Creative Director
I’m Lach. I am a designer.

It is my passion to work at the intersection of design, human behavior and business. I have been recognized as an accomplished industrial and furniture designer with over 100 international design excellence accolades, including Red Dot, IF, Japanese Good Design, IDEA and many others.

The biggest part of my design career I have spent leading the creative development for Humanscale in NYC – the world’s most dedicated company to researching, designing and developing ergonomics products that improve people’s well-being at their primary work place and beyond. During my tenure there and though my design leadership expertise, the company saw business growth of 470%. A true testament that design is, indeed, a strategic business tool that, when applied thoughtfully, can elevate human performance and lead to outstanding business results at the same time.

Besides the applied aesthetics, usability, human factors and universal design skills, I have honed over the years, I have also developed a deep understanding of the varied workplace design aspects relative to people’s behavior in formal, informal, social and educational settings. And so in 2010 I co-founded Studio Novo – a platform for good design, good living and good business – through which I seek to apply all that I have learnt in the design industry. The company was founded recognizing that there is a need for better work place culture manifested through thoughtful design practices and resulting built environment that enhance people’s abilities and natural tenets for success. If you are curious to learn more about my journey to meet design, please proceed to read my interview here 

Being a furniture designer and design enthusiast, I naturally wanted to connect with and represent the best companies in the world that have dreamed up solution to workflow problems and opportunities, and hence wanted to share their best
products, solutions and practices in Bulgaria.

Some of my other important “I’m” definitions go like this:

I am a Design entrepreneur. I am a Life-discoverer. I am a Family man.

My understanding of design methodologies has lead me to apply its principles beyond the drawing board and into my personal life – defining and perusing three important life paths, shaping and rendering my experiences today.

1. EXPLORE – is about reaching beyond what I known today and never stop
growing as a spiritual being.

2. ENABLE – is about fueling new experiences in my life journey, whether this means to travel to new desitinations, to create new opportunities, to try new activities and test myself, to practice what I have learned and make myself and the people around me better, happier and fulfilled.

3. RESTORE – is about experiencing the highest states of love for my mind, body & soul, family, friends and the community. Respectively, it is to make time for mental and physical fitness, to be available and present to meet all my family’s needs and desires, and to share great moments with my dearest friends and close collaborators.

Design legend Neils Diffrient

During my tenure as design director and solutions creator at Humanscale, I had the uncommon chance to collaborate and learn form one of the best in the filed of design and workplace ergonomics. Neils Diffrient needs not introduction to those who understand the complexity of designing chairs. He has been instrumental in the definition of my philosophy and critical thinking when it comes to design. It is quite often, that I still refer to the notes I had taken during our one-on-one conversions and I find them to be such an inspiration. If you want to learn more about his way of thinking about design and its service to people, check out his TedX presention here.

Recent product design awards

2021 Red Dot Award,
Summa Executive Chair

2019 Red Dot Award,
Infinity Light

2016 Red Dot Award,
QuickStand Light

2015 Red Dot Honorable Mention,

2013 Red Dot Design Award

Kaloyan Angelov
Managing Director
Kaloyan knows how to make the best of a good opportunity for professional fulfilment. In the early 1990’s, he rode the crest of the wave with the promotion of innovative digitalcommunication devices, while majoring in PR & Advertising. He set out to reach new heights outside Bulgaria, settling in Boston to take up studies at UMASS. After his graduation, he managed real estate projects and developed skills pertaining to the management of complex unfamiliar disciplines and culturally diverse people. During one of his trips around the American South, he met Lachezar. In 2009, he went back to Bulgaria, where he co-founded Studio Novo in 2010.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Adaptively goal-oriented skilled communicator with a love for numbers.
What were the highlights of your professional career before Studio Novo and what is the most valuable lesson you learned along the way?
Offering high-end office chairs during the 2008 crisis, as I realized that necessity is the mother of invention. The most important thing is to be clear about your values and be able to inspire people to trust in value rather than in price.

What is the thing that you would never compromise?

Quality, when it comes to personal choices, and expectations, as far as business is concerned.

How would you describe your work in three words?

Management of flows.

What gives you special satisfaction?

A job well done together with partners and clients.

What is your idea of a successful day? Or a happy one?

A successful day ends in a concluded deal and a happy client. A happy day is when a confused client turns into an informed one.

What would you like Studio Novo to be associated with?

With interior solutions ensuring a dynamic healthy environment where people use their creative potential to develop new intellectual networks and work culture and facilitate rapid business growth.

Dimitar Zlatev
Commercial Director
I’m Dimitar. I am a commercial director.
Mitko enables communication between people from different worlds and business sectors. He is extremely motivated and dedicated to establishing good long-term relations, always saying, Yes, it is possible, like all great businessmen. Accidentally bumping into the furniture business after a brief stint in the (literally) sweet juice cocktail business, he got caught up in the whirlwind of the Bulgarian furniture market, having been part of its elite for more than 25 years. Before 2011, when he joined the Studio Novo team, he worked as sales director for ORT, the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of furniture and working solutions at the time (‘Particleboard furniture’, as he would like to specify). His accidental meeting in 2008 with Lachezar, who was temporarily back in Sofia, left him wondering how this seemingly intelligent young man had the guts to be offering ergonomic office chairs and accessories by the American company Humanscale at sky-high prices. In 2010, Kaloyan, who had recently settled back in Sofia, gave him another Humanscale presentation, confirming the impression of the experienced capital city-based businessman that there were at least two lunatics around. Obviously, America was to blame. In 2011, Mitko gave in to the American wave, and took up the role of ‘doctor-in-chief’ for those in need of good office environment, offering excellent care and choice of working solutions. The rest is just history.
Dimitar is fearless, optimistic, and quite persevering when the situation demands it. He likes spending a lot of time in search of freedom and space, which he sometimes finds in his hobby as a gamer.

Nikolai Todorov


I’m Nikolai . I am a designer.