Good design is a feeling.
A delightful moment of the human experience in our man-made environment.

The fundamental objectives of sustainability are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive and enjoyable environments. This happens to be the playing feild of strategic and good design. Good design is a feeling. A delightful moment of the human experience in our man-made environment. The latter being tightly knit to our natural environemnt. Therefore good design always considers the impact of what we are to make today on the natural environment tomorrow. In addition to creating exciting and pleaseant apearences, this requires thoughful and systemic thinking, innovative technology exploraiton, responsible material sourcing (including new materials and recycled materials), commitment to quality and charfsmaship, efficeint use and conservation of energy, and mostly labor of love.

It is a well-researched fact that products and environments that have emotional appeal, outlast those that don’t touch us. A succesful sustainable policy is one that creates things that last, far beyond the time-frame and generations that have created it. Our solutions and product selection, does include countless such examples. The concept of limiting consumerism and consumption in general is deeply rooted in the products and services we belive in, advocate for and provide. And while we can define sustainability by what is, it is also important to define it by what it is not – aesthetically neutral or bland, low-qaulity, cheap, throw-away, non-renewable, toxic, chaotic. Below is a short list of our brand partners’ phylosophies on that subject of immesurable importance. We encourage you to take a stance and measure your impact by making a responsible choice too.

A succesful sustainable policy is one that creates things that last, far beyond the time-frame and generations that have
created them.

Мany of the companies we represent
are the leaders in sustainable solutions
manufacturing segment.




We strive to create designs that are long-lasting in their expression and quality, allowing for them to be used for many years into the future. As part of this emphasis, continuous testing is at the heart of our design and development process to ensure high levels of quality. All Muuto furniture is produced in Europe and North America to underline this focus.

Being a design-centric company, aesthetic longevity serves as a guiding principle in our design process, meaning that we seek to create designs that have an individual character while being visually relevant for a long time, shying away from the influences of fast-moving trends.


At Knoll, we act on a commitment to the sustainable design and manufacture of our products. We use our understanding of how people live, work and interact with their environments to create inspired workplaces and residences that evolve and endure – environments that promote a better world.
When we think about sustainability, we think about the decisions that shape the daily lives of our clients and community. We consider the environmental, economic and social factors tied to design, manufacturing and management decisions, from responsible materials sourcing to the well-being of our associates.


We are committed to protecting our environment by
choosing materials, methods and processes that offer the least risk to our environment, without compromising design, performance or affordability. Our commitment to
sustainability and minimizing our impact on the environment goes well beyond applicable laws and regulations.

We have also started to measure and declare the CO2 emissions of our products. Knowing our carbon footprint is the first step to reducing it. And just like nutrition labels on food, the carbon footprint labeling is intended to help people make more informed decisions.


We design to improve relationships, including the most important one of all: humanity and our natural world. From the beginning, we have worked to strengthen this relationship through a principled approach to craft, embodied in our design ethos: the pursuit of the essential. We design durable, timeless furnishings, intended to transcend trend and serve diverse purposes over their extended lifetime. We value lightness and simplicity, aiming to reduce materials to a minimum. Our modular approach to construction reduces production complexity and creates opportunities for disassembly and component recycling. Finally, we weave soft technology, the subtle integration of intuitive ergonomic features, into every design, emphasizing natural interaction and improved functionality. Each of these is evocative in their own right of the minimal impact and intelligent design strategies essential to sustainability.

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