Christmas presents
by Studio Novo

Less than 10 days left until X-mas.


We realized you might want to gift some comfort and well-being to your friends and family so we created some thoughtful Holiday bundles to:


☞ Seat them in comfort with our Ergonomic Chairs.

☞ Make them flexible with our Monitor Arms.

☞ Help them get organized with the cool Bento Box.


Here are our X-mas promo bundles.

Ergonomic Chair Sidiz T25 + Bento Box (Sale: €483 | Retail: €689)

Ergonomic Chair Sidiz T25 + Monitor Arm M2.1 (Sale: €639 | Retail: €905)

2x Ergonomic chair Sidiz T25 + Monitor Arm M2.1 | FREE Bento Box (Sale: €1060 | Retail: €1594)


To make an order please fill in the form below, send us an email to or call +359879051581.


P.S. We only have a limited amount of bundles so hurry up!


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