Back to the office

Which are the companies that succeed in motivating people to work from the office and how do they do it?

​About three years ago, our work environment began changing rapidly, and most of us ended up working from home. However, the Covid situation is getting better, and the C-level wants employees back in the office. But do employees want to make that move back?

After more than two years of home “comfort”, a step towards the office desk is considered a step back. We know that the majority of employees admit that working from their sofas is more convenient, more productive, and most importantly, less time-consuming.

Company leaders and office managers are being left with nothing but one option. To create an office environment answering all employees’ needs and even exceeding their expectations

This is where design comes to support businesses. The contemporary office aims to unite employees and create a feeling of belonging to a community. Furthermore, it speaks about the company’s attitude towards people’s wellbeing, happiness and health.

The good feeling when entering a space does not render itself because of fun games and colorful furniture. It is a deep intuitive emotion brought to us by design. Sometimes the staff needs more space for social interaction and open discussion, others need more isolation and concentration. The colors, textures and light are details that make a significant difference, one that leaves a long lasting impression. The time when bean bags and pool tables brought people together had passed and real change is needed.

In addition, judging the company by its office is similar to judging the book by its cover. When a company is trying to attract more good fits and talents, good design would get people’s attention and most likely their applications. Furthermore, it will have an impact on those people’s decision to stay with the company longer. By increasing retention rates, businesses save money, perpetuate good culture and drive higher profit

Moreover, the office environment and design set the standard of the employer and the company. It references the quality of work and the values that are followed within the organization. For example, an untidy and uncomfortable office makes us think of sloppy work, therefore, poor performance.

To conclude, in our modern times, it is of crucial importance for employers to understand what are the true needs of their people and try to engage with them by any means. Satisfied employees make happy customers, which results in a flourishing business. Design is an investment worth making.

At Studio Novo, you can count on our workplace advisory and office space consulting expertise. We can help you build the right office space your team deserves. Invest in tangible assets that bring multiplied intangible results.


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